mercoledì 3 ottobre 2012

Chanel P/E 2013 e le critiche.

Ecco una delle più attese sfilate della Fashion Week, ovviamente quella di Chanel.
Il leggendario Karl direi che si è abbastanza sbizzarrito in questa collezione.
Una mescolanza tra innovazione ed eleganza come sempre, ma diversamente dalle scorse sfilate.
Devo essere onesta? Poteva fare di più. È magnifica come collezione.. è stata magnifica la sfilata, ma a dispetto del solito devo dire che non mi ha colpita particolarmente.
Poi soprattutto, vogliamo parlare della nuova borsa? Hula Hoop! No dire di no! Non mi piace per niente..Bocciata!
Per quanto riguarda la scelta dei tessuti, i modelli dei vari cardigan e maglioncini.. direi che sono stupendi. Le forma arrotondata.. Per non parlare della fine della sfilata, dove gli abiti neri con la trasparenza del tessuto ed i fiori mi hanno quasi fatta svenire per quanto fossero belli!

Here is one of the most important show of Fashion Week, of course the Chanel one.
The legendary Karl made a mix of innovation and elegance as always, but unlike past shows.
I have to be honest? He could do more. It is a magnificent collection and the show but in spite of the usual I must say that I was not particularly impressed.
And above all, we want to talk about the new bag? Hula Hoop! No say no! I do not like it at all .. Fail!
As regards the choice of fabrics, the models of the various cardigan sweaters and .. I would say that they are gorgeous. The rounded shape .. Not to mention the end of the parade, where the clothes blacks with the transparency of the fabric and the flowers I have almost knocking her out for how beautiful!

Here there are my favorite pieces.

Backstage and stars.

The Bad Hula Hoop bag. 

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  1. i haven't been impressed the past two chanel lines - the hula hoop is at least something interesting!! following you now! xo


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  3. La borsa se la poteva anche risparmiare ;)
    xoxo giada

    1. Ma diciamo di si. Ma comunque ora che ci rifletto, ci pensi quanto sta facendo parlare sta borsa? so che a chanel nom servono di queste cose.. ma comunque anche i meno interessati ne parlano!

  4. Love these outfits! your faves are my faves too :)


  5. I love the oversized accessories and ofcourse Anna Del Russo looks amazing!

    Crissy Lavoz

  6. so interesting! :)) i like the black transparent dresses.

  7. I always look forward to the Chanel show's, they always have the best runway presentation's. I was puzzled by the collection and the hula hoop bag, I see it more as artwork than a functional handbag.

    Xo - Christy

  8. I agree! The blue dress was my favorite too. Thanks for your message via IFB and sure, lets follow each other :) I'm following you both GFC & Blogloving, and wait for you too. Keep in touch! xo akiko
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  9. I adore Chanel! ...and I also like your blog! ...I am following you now!..I would appreciate if you`ll do the same! :D

  10. I love this post, and would love to adorn my neck with oversized Chanel pearls!

  11. I covered the Chanel collection as well on my blog. I guess great minds think alike :)

  12. usually i like chanel, but not this time. Blazer are too big for my taste

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  14. Love Chanel so much!
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  15. Texture fantastic!

    Hooting Miss Owl xox xox

  16. I love chanel. This was a great recap.

  17. I agree about the Hula Hoop bag - makes no sense!

  18. I love Chanel, one of my favourite brands. Great post!


  19. I wonder who would wear the hoola hoop bag. Followed on bloglovin and twitter. Hope you'll follow back.

  20. Ciao bella,

    Gorgeous pictures, I see you are a lover of the old Fashion names too. I think we will be friends. Love the illustration background - excellent choice.

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  21. I love Chanel! Great photos!

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