mercoledì 17 ottobre 2012

When I say Birkin.

It is absolutely the most popular bag. Everyone say that it isn't a bag, it is a dream. I'm sure about that.
The Birkin Bag (by Hermès) is a dream of all women. All of us want to have one of it.
When I see that bag worn by someone i die. Believe me.
Do you know what I really like about it? Because I can wear the Birkin with an elegant or casual clothes. You'll look always good.
It will be ever one of the must! You can wear a Birkin for the eternity, and you'll be always so fashion.
The myth of this bag will never die.
So I wish to go to Hermés so soon. And you? :)
Give me your opinion about the color. Which one should I choose?
Let me know:)

Si può dire che è assolutamente la borsa più popolare, da sempre.
Tutti dicono che non sia una borsa, ma un sogno. Opinione che condivido in pieno ovviamente.
È inutile dire che è il sogno di tutte le donne, e che tutte ne vorrebbero una.
Credetemi, raramente mi è capitata di vederla dal vivo, ovviamente a Milano la maggior parte delle volte, ed ogni qual volta la vedo, bèh rimango incatenata con gli occhi. Quasi fosse una calamita.
Sarà anche per la mia incodizionata passione per le borsa che non riesco a rinunciarci come obiettivo.
Ma cosa che mi piace ancor piu è che può essere indossata con abiti eleganti, casual o sportivi e da sempre quel tocco in più che serve. Avrai sempre un buon aspetto.
Sarà sempre un must, ed ovviamente il mito di avere una Birkin non morirà mai.
Dunque spero di andare presto da Hermés. E tu?
Datemi una vostra opinione sul colore. Quale dovrei scegliere?
Fatemi sapere?

24 commenti:

  1. I really love this Hermés bag. Really love the colour and the size!


  2. Ughh! My mom and I fantasize of owning the esteemed Birkin one day.

  3. The design and the colors are just breathtaking, wish I could have one!!!


  4. hello, thanks for your message on independent fashion bloggers. i have followed you on: bloglovin, blogger, twitter and facebook, your turn to follow back on these :)

  5. Wow I'm in love with the Birkin-bags!

  6. birkin bag? OMG it is the everlasting bag.

    btw, awesome blog. i am your new follower^^

    ais on

  7. i am in love with birkin bag!!! it looks amazing with any outfit and in any color. Love the black one with the red scarf handle and the yellow one. and all the rest lol. Amazing! cheers, dana cristina xo

  8. Ahhh, one day I will own one of these. Forever in love with the Birkin bag.

  9. Love the greyish brown, luggage color and navy! I would kill for one! Envious!


  10. Classy and timeless bag, great picture you chose :-)Following you now via GFC, if you get time feel free to check out my blog as well :-)

    have a great day!

    xoxo Keke

  11. A beautiful iconic bag. Who wouldn't love to own one? :)


  12. I'll give one of those to my girlfriend. I'm sure she'll like! =D

  13. i really love this bag.definitely on my wishlist.


  14. Birkin is the legend! love it.

  15. Have you seen the $200,000 Birkin?

  16. That bag is simple and yet so DAMN expensive! One of the bags is suppose to be $100.000 it's enough to make me faint!
    If I ever get a job hat pays very DAMN hell... I will buy one lol.

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  18. I vote for a classic tan or the Hermes orange. :)


  19. Hey girl! what a great post! so glad to have found you through following :)


  20. I really love the white or black. Thanks for the IFB message, now following. Please return the favor. :)

  21. Love that cute white bag! One day...sigh... :)

  22. I absolutely agree with this entire post :)

  23. Uhh, I dream of my closet filled with different colors of Birkin Bags:) The Tan and orange are among my favorites.

    Kisses, Sasha